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R V Resort & Marina

                                    PARK RULES AND REGULATIONS  


• MOTORIZED VEHICLES: Golf carts are allowed in the park. The units must be operated by an adult. The units are allowed for the camper’s convenience to go from one place to another. The units are not allowed to give rides around and around. A couple of trips around the park is fine.  There must be someone with driver license on the vehicle when operating.  The driver of the golf cart must be 21 years old after 9:00 P.M.

• REMOVING YOUR CAMPER: If you are not staying with us next year, your R V must be moved off its pad by April 1. A fee of $20.00 per day will be charged for units left at Larson’s Landing after April 1. If the unit has to be moved to storage, a $100.00 moving charge will also be applied. 

• QUITE TIME: Quite time is 11.00 pm. All live music or loud sound systems must be down at the community center.

. FIRE ARMS:  No discharge in the park of hand guns or rifles, including pellet, bb and paint ball types.

• WATER SHUT OFF: When you leave for an extended time, be sure to shut your water off.

• NEIGHBOR’S PROPERTY: Stay on Larson’s Landing Property.  

• DIGGING HOLES: Be careful digging or putting in posts in the sand at your campsite. There are wires and pipes down there.

• KEEP OFF OTHER PADS: Use roads or walkways. Stay off other campsites or yards.

• GARABAGE DISPOSAL: The garbage dumpsters are located in the North end of the park on Max Ave. Do not leave garbage on the ground.  

• GARBAGE CANS ON PADS: If you want a garbage can on your lot, make sure it is tied down with a secure lid. Be sure garbage can is empty when you leave.

• ASHES FROM FIRE RINGS: Put ashes in burn pit in the North fenced in area. DONOT BURY THE ASHES:

• CARDBOARD TRASH: Put large cardboard and other burnable items in the burn pit.

• GLASS BOTTLES: Glass bottles are not allowed in common area.

• BOAT PARKING: You may park your boat on your pad if it fully fits on it. There is limited boat parking. Check with management for availability and fees.

• FIRE WOOD: Please only bring firewood that you know where it came from. No ASH wood is allowed.

• PAD CAMPER LIMITS: The pads are for one camper only. 

• STORAGE UNITS: Storage units are allowed on your pad, check with management approval.

. PATIO SHADES: Patio shades need a building permit from the county. The management needs a plan of the shade, including the size, location and any other pertinent details.  Management must sign the plan before it is taken to the Zoning Office.

• PLANTINGS: Plantings are allowed on your pad, with management approval.

• PAD IMPROVEMENTS: If you are leaving the park, All improvements left on the pad after April 1 will become the property of Larson's Landing.


• LEASH: Pets must be on a leash.

• PET WASTE: Pick up pet waste.

• LEAVING YOUR PET: If you leave your campsite, put your pet in your camper.

• OTHER CAMP PADS: Keep your pet off other camper’s camp sites.

• BARKING: There is a limit to how much barking will be permitted. Keep your pet in the camper at night.


• DOCKING OVERNIGHT: If you want to moor your boat on a dock overnight, verify the dock location. The rate is $10.00 per day.

• USEAGE BY FRIENDS: If you are in the park, your friends may use the boat ramp for $10.00 per day. Please contact office.

• PETS IN MARINA: No pets are allowed in the marina.

• ROCK RIP-RAP: Do not throw rocks into the marina. They have been placed for bank stabilization.

• SWIM AREA: The swimming area in the marina is on the East side. It is marked.

• PRIVATE DOCKS: Keep off all docks unless you have rented it. Do not fish or swim off private docks.

• GARBAGE ON BEACH: Pick up your garbage when on the beach.

• FISH CLEANING: Do not leave fish on the beach. Do not put fish remains in the dumpsters.

• CHILDREN ON BEACH: Small children need to have life jackets and adult supervision.


• LOCATION: Fireworks are permitted on the West beach. No aerial fireworks allowed. Shoot them toward the river.

• ALLOWABLE DATES: Fireworks may be used from June 26 to July 5.  

• SHOOTING TIMES: No fireworks can be shot after 11:00pm, except on July 3 - July 5, then you can shot them till 12:00.

• MEMBERS ONLY: Only members of Larson’s landing are allowed to discharge fireworks. Guests of members may not shoot their fireworks in the park.